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Gaylord and Ice

Thanks to Washington Family Magazine we kicked off the holidays in style this year. A few days before Christmas my family packed our bags and headed across the Potomac to the Gaylord National Hotel.  We spent two nights at the hotel, had the opportunity visit ICE, something we have been wanting to do for a long time, and just relaxed. It was the perfect get away and start to Christmas week.

Visiting National Harbor has been a holiday tradition for us for the past couple of years.  We usually go over check out the tree in the harbor, stop by Build-a-Bear, watch it snow in the Atrium, visit Santa, have dinner then head home.  This year we did all that plus more.  We enjoyed a leisurely morning in the room watching tv and sleeping in, then had a delicious breakfast at Pienza.

After breakfast we checked in to ICE, got our big blue jackets and explored all the amazing ice exhibits. We went down the slides a dozen times and walked around just amazed.

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We warmed up with some hot cocoa then headed out to see the rest of National Harbor.  It was a cold rainy day, so we didn’t do much walking, but managed to find our way to the Peep store and Build-a-Bear, where we found a couple of new friends.

gaylord_a (2)

The kids enjoyed an afternoon of swimming and if it were up to them would have spent all night in the pool.  There were lots of kids for them to play with and the only thing that was missing was a poolside cocktail for the parents.

Before heading to dinner at National Pastimes Bar and Grill we explored the hotel looking for reindeer in the Reindeer Round Up Scavenger Hunt and stopped for a quick visit with Santa.

This was the first time we have had a staycation and not only would I recommend a staycation to others, I would recommend scheduling one around the holidays.  It was the perfect way to start Christmas week.  Instead of stressing and rushing around finding more and more that we needed to do we packed our bags, slowed down and simply enjoyed time together.  This get away was on the elaborate side for our family, and not something that will become a holiday tradition, but thanks to Washington Family Magazine, the Gaylord and ICE it will be a memory that we will always have.