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Cabin Fever

Winter break started on December 22nd.  We had family in town throughout the break. Bedtimes, mealtimes and activities were not consistent.  The kids returned to school on January 5th, we were ready to get back in to a routine.  January 6th it snowed, but it was a Northern Virginia snow, which means all the snow melted before noon.  Since our first “big” snow storm we have had two snow days and 4 delayed starts.


A treacherous snow day in our neck of the woods

So, we are still trying to get back in to a routine.  Right now the only consistent thing we have going for us are regular arguments.  It feels as if, at all times, there are at least two people fighting and one person crying or pouting.  Family time is important, but I think there can be too much family time and we have had too much family time.

It can be hard when you get in a funk like this, when the routine is off, everyone is fighting and getting on each others nerves.  These days make me want to crawl in to bed, or to just turn on every screen we own and plop each child down in front of her own little device. Unfortunately those are just temporary distractions.  I know that eventually they will find me hiding in my bed or will begin to fight about the device they have not being as good as their brother or sisters.

To help reestablish some family harmony we have been trying to spend time with non family members.  We have had lots of friends over and have been going over to friends’ houses.  We have been trying to get out of the house as much as possible, even if that is just a walk around the block or a drive to the grocery store to get something we don’t really need.

I have also been trying to encourage the kids to find activities that they can then later share with the rest of the family.  Making brownies has been the biggest hit so far, but we have also enjoyed some good art shows and a thrilling round of Idol auditions.


We are slowly making cabin fever our new routine and are finding ways to embrace it.  I am sure in a few weeks when schedules become crazy I will find myself wishing for a snow day and some unplanned family time.