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Busch Gardens Williamsburg

We live three hours from Williamsburg. We have talked about going for years, but for some unknown reason never made the trip down there, until this summer. We only made it down this year because my son’s little league team won districts and advanced on to the state tournament.

If it weren’t for Little League we would probably still be saying “we should go to Williamsburg sometime.”

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Like all amusement parks, daily ticket prices are crazy expensive. There are a variety of packages available and some good buys to be found, but the one option I found missing was a half day ticket option. After a few hours at an amusement park my kids are done. Plus if you are on vacation in an area like Williamsburg there are probably a lot of things you want to check out and might not want to devote an entire day to a park.

We ended up getting a 7 day flex ticket. It allowed us unlimited entry to both Busch Gardens and Water Country. It’s a good deal if you are in the Williamsburg area for a few days or even if you plan on just devoting two full days to the park.

This is my biggest pet peeve. I don’t mind paying $5 or $10 for parking, but shelling out an additional $25 is a little annoying. And like the tickets there is no adjustment in price for half day.

As I said we bought 7 day passes, but were only able to make it to the parks twice. Even if our schedule had allowed us to go for all 7 days I doubt we would have, as that would have been an additional $175 – just to park. After spending almost $400 on tickets a break in parking would be nice.

Getting Around:
It’s an amusement park, it’s big which means a lot of walking. But, there is a lot to see and do while walking, plus there are maps galore making it easy to figure out how to get from one ride/attraction to another.busch gardens

When we first entered the park we were helped greatly by a guest relations employee. She saw us hovering over the map trying to make our plan and swooped in to help out. She helped us plot out a route that would get us to all the rides we wanted to see. She also provided a few nuggets of information to make our visit even more enjoyable.

Not much I can say here, it is Busch Gardens, they know how to do rides. There is something for everyone and what is even better is the family can stay together all day. The thrill seekers don’t have to go off in one direction while those who like to keep their feet on the ground head off in the other direction.  There are kid sized rides in every area of the park allowing little ones to be entertained while older siblings are off riding the more adventurous rides. Families don’t need to just meet up for lunch, but can stay together all day.

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They also offer kid swap, which allows both parents to ride, but only one parent has to wait in line. The procedures vary from ride to ride so be sure to check in with the ride attendants.

Like parking, food at amusement parks drives me crazy.  The quality varies from stand to stand and is always over priced. While Busch Gardens offers a variety of meal packages we didn’t take advantage of any of the meal deals. I have heard that there is some good food to be found in the park, we didn’t find it, but again we didn’t look very hard, as we had limited time and were there to ride.

We did take advantage of the free water – this was a tip from the woman at guest relations who helped us when we first got there. All food stations, with soda fountains, will give free water if you ask. You don’t have to have a water bottle, but we found it easier than walking around with cups. We bought an $11 water bottle when we first got in the park, this fulfilled our souvenir quota and kept us hydrated throughout the afternoon. A win win in my book.

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We are already talking about our next trip to Busch Gardens. I would like to go back in the fall when the weather is a little cooler, my kids would be happy if we went back next week. The one thing I do know is there’s a lot more to see and do than we took advantage of!