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Daily Snapshots

As a preschool teacher one of my biggest challenges is daily communication with my students’ parents. I send home weekly emails, but  I feel it is important for parents to know, on a daily basis, what we discussed at circle time, what books were read and what activities students were engaged in during free play. While providing parents with this information is very important sharing it in a timely manner can be difficult.

We have a message board and we try to jot notes throughout the day. This is helpful, but what the parents really want is to see pictures of their children. We take a lot of pictures and do a lot of documenting, but in the past sharing these pictures has been time consuming. This past month we started using Hp Social Media Snapshot sticky backed photo paper with our new Envy 5660 printer and suddenly this process has become much easier. We click, we print, we stick!

The teachers have all downloaded the HP app for wireless printing and print pictures throughout the day. Each day we take at least one picture during: free play, circle time, outside play, story time and snack. These pictures are posted and when parents come to pick up they can see what happened throughout the day.

HP social media

As a cooperative preschool we have at least one parent in the classroom with us each day, so the parents have also downloaded the app and they take more candid pictures which they also post and share.

At the end of each day these pictures are put in a binder creating a log of our weeks, months and year at preschool. .

If you would like to check out HP Social Media Snapshot paper Staples has a Buy One Get One free offer now through October 31.

HP Social Media snapshots paper.

What would you click then stick?

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