Tile Hide and Seek

I recently received a Tile and I immediately thought of all the practical ways to use it. Sticking it on keys, bags, phones, maybe even the dog. I thought how it would make a great Mother’s day gift for some of my mom friends.

tile (7)

My kids had a different plan –  use it for Hide and Seek.

tile (5)

It started off as hide the Tile in the house and find it.  It then evolved in to a backyard game of capture the flag and my children begging for me to get more of this cool new toy.

tile (3)

How would you use Tile? Leave a comment below and I will randomly select a winner to receive a free Tile.  Drawing will be held on Mother’s Day – May 10th, so get your comments in!

17 thoughts on “Tile Hide and Seek

  1. corinne1989

    This is amazing! I would use it in my teen’s car. Not because I don’t trust him, but because he is sometimes forgetful in checking in to let me know when he changes location.

  2. karyl henry

    I’ve never heard of the Tile, but this is great! I would get tons of use for finding where I left my phone and car keys…which happens much more than I would like to admit

  3. Kim

    I have no idea what Tile is, but I do love how your children spontaneously played hide and seek and capture the flag with it! There’s proof right there we don’t need to give our children expensive toys to broaden their imagination 😉

  4. Kylie M Interiors

    Very cool! Isn’t it amazing how something can capture their attention when it’s so simple??!!!

  5. momonthemove35

    Alphabet search game. The tile could be like a “magnifying glass” Look through the hole and find the letter!

  6. Crystal

    I heard of these awhile back and forgot about them. If that doesn’t make it obvious I need them, I don’t know what does! I think it would be cost prohibitive to put them on all of our 100 shoes in this house though!

  7. jenbrenan

    most likely I would use it on my phone or the remote. Both of those items are always missing!

  8. SixPackMommy

    I would slap one of these on each child, my keys, the gerbils, my coffee cup, etc. I am amazed by technology like this.


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