Are there certain items you always misplace and scramble around to find minutes before you have to walk out of the house? Like your keys, wallet, bags – your kids.  You know those small, unimportant items.  I was recently introduced to an item that may just save you a little sanity and eliminate the morning treasure hunts.

tile 1

The Tile is an amazing time saving, sanity restoring device.

Simply stick it on an item you would hate to go missing and download the app.  Then when you are getting ready to head out the door in the morning and your youngest child has lost her backpack again – this is not based on real life events that occur in my house –  you can simply log in to the app and track down the missing item.

Tile uses bluetooth technology.  If you are far from the missing item it will show you on a map where the item was last detected.  If you are close you can use the signal strength identifier to track it down.  My kids love this feature, a real life game of hot and cold.

Just imagine having a Tile in your car and being able to easily find it in a massive parking lot! Or even better being able to find it like this couple did – Stolen Car Recovered With Tile – using the Community Feature.

The Tile is small, easy to set-up – just download the free app – and the places to stick-it are endless, but the best part is the price. At only $25 you can Tile anything that matters

Got visit the Tile site to get more information!


I received a sample product and compensation for this post, but the thoughts are all mine

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