Glue Art

If your kids are anything like mine they probably love squeezing glue out of a bottle. Yes it can be messy and wasteful, but I will admit I love doing it too. There is something very soothing watching the slow steady stream as the glue puddles up.  031415 (27)

When we do gluing projects at school my parent helpers often have a hard time turning the glue bottle over to the kids. Or if they do let the kids do the gluing themselves the parent is often hovering very close by ready to quickly grab the bottle if the glue starts flowing to freely.

To help the parents realize the joy of squeezing a glue bottle and to give the kids the opportunity to just squeeze away we recently made sun catchers.

031415 (15)

This is a project I first did at my daughter’s 6th birthday and kids of all ages love this project.  It is super easy and inexpensive.  All you need are cheap frames, glue and food coloring. I got the frames at the dollar store and purchased a large jug of glue, at Michael’s using my 40% off coupon.

031415 (13)

To start pop the glass out of the frames, using a glue gun run a bead of glue around the inside then reinsert the glass. This not only ensures the glass will stay in place, but prevents the glue from leaking through the frame.

For the glue I like to start with a half bottle of glue.  Add a few drops of food coloring, stir to combine then slowly add more glue, stirring as you go.

Once you have all the materials ready turn it over to the kids and let them get squeezing. Resist the urge to step in.  Let the glue puddle and the colors combine.  The big glue puddles will take a long time to dry (we are talking days until it is completely dry) but the big puddles look just as neat as the small sleek lines.

031415 (28)

I did put out toothpicks for the kids to swirl the glue with, but too much swirling muddled the colors and just letting the colors naturally flow together  produced a much cooler look.

I highly recommend you mix up a few bottles of glue and let your kids get to work squeezing and don’t forget to join them in the fun.

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