On the Go

It is that time of year where the days just fly by.  Every day is filled to the brim with after school activities. It is fun and I love every minute of it, but it makes it difficult to feed my family

Right now I am trying to plan my menu for the week.  We have one night when we can have a family dinner, the other nights dinner will be eaten at the field or in shifts at home. So now I am in search of meals that can be made ahead, eaten cold or taken to go.

I am getting to know COSTCO’s frozen food and premade food sections very well and have already mad a few best friends, like this guy.


I don’t know if it is a new COSTCO item, or just new to me, but we have gone through three bags of these chicken tenders in the past four weeks. I bake off half a bag at a time, keep them in the fridge and use them for dinner, lunch and snacks.  

The salsa is also a COSTCO favorite and is used almost daily, which is why I only have an empty container and spoonful of salsa to show you. Like the chicken this is super versatile, wonderful on it’s own or as a mix-in, and is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time.


The chicken and salsa is a wonderful combination and this sandwich has been a favorite for the past two weeks.

chickensalsa sandwich (1)

My son makes it as an after-school, before baseball snack and then makes it again after-baseball and calls it dinner.

chickensalsa sandwich (2)

The chicken sandwich isn’t on my menu this week, although I am sure a few will still be eaten.  I am still working on the menu for this week, but here is my menu from last week. I have 8 more weeks of this crazy schedule and need more ideas. What are your family favorites?

Monday – pasta with Kale pesto and sun-dried tomatoes
Tuesday – Crock-pot chili – eaten with Fritos at the field
Wednesday – Salad Nicoise
Thursday – pizza
Friday – make it yourself

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