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Breakfast Pizza

Excuse me for a moment  while I do a little proud mama bragging.  Today I’m not going to share my latest recipe, but instead I’m going to share a recipe by a budding young chef. This chef has been in the kitchen since he was 3. He has great knife skills, is confident and loves to try new foods.  He also happens to be my son who just competed in his first cooking competition.

breakfast pizza

It was a small local contest open to kids in grades 4-8. They contestants were challenged to create a healthy and nutritious breakfast or lunch entrée or snack, using any combination of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and natural sweeteners.

Will’s submission was a breakfast pizza.  The inspiration for this recipe came from his uncle who made a version of it for us this summer while down visiting.  Will took the idea and made it his own by adding his favorite vegetables, cheeses and seasonings.  It is a super simple yet yummy recipe and is perfect for beginner cooks.

egg pizza 1 (6)

The recipe got him to the semi-finals and gave him the opportunity to cook the recipe at our local Williams-Sonoma store.  He didn’t make it on to the final round, but he did an outstanding job and we couldn’t be more proud of him.  He was confident, poised and did an excellent job of demonstrating his cooking skills – what more could a mom want!

Egg Pizza   (print)
created by Will
Serves 2

Pizza Dough
2 Eggs
⅓ Cup of Milk
⅛ tsp. of Onion Powder
⅛ tsp. of Garlic Powder
⅛ tsp. Salt
⅛ tsp. Pepper
Small handful of roughly chopped spinach
2-3 Strips of cooked Bacon
1 small tomato diced
½ cup of shredded cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 400F. Lightly spray a baking tray with oil.
Take a small fist sized piece of pizza dough and form into a circle bringing up the edges. Place on baking tray. Bake for 6-8 minutes or until dough is lightly baked. Remove from oven and set aside
While pizza dough is baking crack eggs into a small bowl. Add Milk,Onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper.Whisk ingredients together.
In a small skillet, over medium heat, melt 1 tablespoon of butter. Once butter is melted add egg mixture.
Cook eggs for about 3 minutes or until they begin to firm but are wet looking.Remove from heat and add ¼ cheese and spinach. Stir until the spinach begins to wilt.
Sprinkle half of remaining cheese onto dough, top with eggs, tomatoes and remaining cheese.
Place in oven, bake for for 5-6 minutes.
Remove from oven and enjoy!

Googly Eyes

Stuck inside?  Kids bored and cranky? Break out the Googly Eyes.

googly eyes (1)

We made this batch of guys for Valentine’s day, but I always have a stash of eyes on hand.

googly eyes (4)

Little ones (or big ones) getting grumpy? Break out the eyes!  Stick them on a piece of paper and start drawing.

googly eyes_1

Someone grumpy when heading off to school? Break out the eyes!

googly eyes (2)

Stuck inside on a cold, snowy, raining, too hot day? Break out the eyes! Glue them onto old toys and they become funny and new.

googly eyes (3)

These are the cheapest, easiest, best way to beat a bored, grumpy attitude.  They just make you smile!

Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti dinner

Every year the preschool I work at hosts a Spaghetti dinner.  The school is transformed into a small Italian restaurant, the teachers cook and act as waitstaff and current families and alumni quickly fill all available reservation spots.

012615 (1)

Seeing the transformation from preschool to restaurant is magical for the kids.  They walk down the “secret steps,” a set of stairs they are not normally allowed to use, and are completely mesmerized by the transformation of their classroom.

Because of this bit of magic it was only fitting that this year we decided to show our Disney Side throughout the evening.**IMG_2642

We took our inspiration from Lady and the Tramp and sticking with the classical characters, sprinkled bits of Disney throughout.   The staff all wore something Disney – a small Mickey tattoo, a Goofy tie, Mini Mouse shoelaces – in addition to something that showed our school spirit.  Because while we love Disney we were there to show our love for our little school as well.IMG_2630

When families checked in we gave them a Disney luggage tag with a number on it.


During each seating we held a drawing and gave away school themed and Disney themed prizes – many of the great prizes were from the amazing package I received courtesy of MomSelect and Disney Side @Home Celebration.

disney side (1)

On the tables, along with Disney word searches and coloring books, we had cards with Disney trivia and school trivia.  This brought a lot of laughs and the kids had a great time learning Disney facts and facts about their teachers and community.

disneyside_a (1) disney side (2)

It was a great evening and we had a ton of fun combining two things that we love – our little school and Disney.

**I received free products in order to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.