It’s that time of year again where we are told that we must improve our lives.  That we are not good enough as we are and we must set goals and work to be better.  We must cleanse our bodies, minds and souls.  It is a new year and time for a new you.

I agree that it is always good to have goals to work toward. It is important to reflect on who you are and work toward being the best you.  I just don’t like the constant bombarding that occurs this time of year. The self help lists and guides are every where and if I read too many of them, it could cause some major depression.

  • clean your house in 52 weeks
  • loose 52 pounds in 52 days
  • be a better wife by Valentine’s day
  • be a better Mom by Mother’s day
  • things you should never say in 2015

I try hard to not get wrapped up in all the resolution hype.  I don’t want to set lofty goals that I know I can’t accomplish. I don’t want to feel like a failure before the year is even in full swing.  For many years I haven’t set any resolutions at all, but this year I think I might try and set a couple.  I am still working out exactly what these resolutions will be.  I want them to be tangible and measurable. I don’t want to just say “I will be a better _____________ (mom, blogger, teacher, wife, person)”

I want to be specific with my goals and resolutions, but am struggling with how to be specific and not make them overwhelming at the same time.  I know I want to get back to this blog in 2015. I haven’t written since June and I miss it, but I don’t know what I want this space to be. I have some ideas, but still haven’t figured out what the focus should be. Maybe the more I just write the more it will come in to focus.  So I guess that is my first goal, more blog posts.

Getting back in the kitchen has also been on my mind recently.  I haven’t been cooking the way I use to and after making a few batches of cookies over the holidays I realized I haven’t been cooking just for the fun of it.  I haven’t stopped cooking, I still cook on a daily basis, but the love and enjoyment hasn’t been there. Cooking has become a chore, I am cooking to make meal for the family or to have something to blog about.  I haven’t been cooking or baking just for pure enjoyment.  I’m not sure how to find that again, but I really want to, so I guess that makes goal number two, cook just for pleasure.

There are other things churning in my brain, but I don’t think I am going to listen to them right now.  I don’t want to start the year off overwhelmed.


Happy New Year!

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