Wind Chimes

Preschool has come to an end.  And not just for the year.  My baby has finished preschool and will be moving up to the big league in the fall.  It will be nice to have all three kids at the same school, but it is definitely a bittersweet occasion.  We have been a part of the cooperative preschool for 7 years and it has been a wonderful place for not only my children, but for our entire family. Many of the kids in my daughter’s class are the babies of their family, and are also saying good-bye to the school.  Since so many of us where leaving we wanted to say thank you to the school and at the same time leave our mark.  Our solution, was to present a set of hand painted bamboo wind chimes. chimes I have tons of bamboo growing in the backyard.  I found a piece that fallen and dried.  Using a handsaw I cut the large stalk into 10″-12″ pieces and then drilled a small hole at the top of each chime. bamboo chimes I then had each child paint one of the chimes.  Once the paint dried I sprayed each piece with a high gloss varnish.  Let the pieces dry again and then threaded a medium weight filament string through the pre-drilled holes, and tied to create a loop.  Each loop was then slid on to a long branch I found on the school grounds.  photo (9) This was a super simple gift to make and will hopefully be ringing at the school for many years to come.

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