Party Season

It is that time of year when it seems like there is a party every weekend.  Mother’s day, Father’s day, graduations, recitals – it is the season of celebrations.  And if your kids are like mine they want to be a part of every aspect of the celebration, including the planning and the prep.  And if you are anything like me it might be a little difficult to let go of some of that planning and prep.

I like things a certain way, mainly my way and it is sometimes a little difficult to turn things over to them.  I want them to learn how to cook and be able to throw a great party, but they don’t always do the things the way I want, and they have their own thoughts and opinions on how things should be done – ah! the nerve of them!  Over the years I have come up with ways to include my little independent spirits without giving them complete control.  One of my, and their, favorites are skewers.  Through much experimentation we have discovered you can put anything on a skewer.  It is an activity anybody can do and it just makes things a little bit more festive.

Our most recent skewer creation was Greek salad on a stick.  We served these at a going away party we hosted this past weekend and like so many other times the kids were happy to assemble the skewers while Mike and I pulled the rest of the food together.


Having the kids serve the “salad” was also a great ice breaker for the kids at the party. They were the only kids at the party and they didn’t know most of the people.  So, while they wanted to be a part of it all they were also a little nervous.  Those nerves quickly vanished when they proudly offered their dish.



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